A good preschool is designed for children

Why does it make sense to invest in an early education business right now?

The global Covid-19 pandemic took children out of schools and saw families around the world in lockdown for over a year. From some preschool operator’s perspective things have looked pretty uncertain since, and you might not think that it’s the right time to invest in brick and mortar until the pandemic is well behind us.

We actually think the opposite – now is a perfect time to invest in a pre-school franchise unit!

First, let’s have a look at some numbers and global trends

The estimated private education spend varies from 100b USD in Latin America to 50b USD in North Africa. In India alone the spend is 30b USD! According to Word Bank, middle-income country households invest USD2,500- 7,000 per annum in childcare and education per child. When combined with the global trend of increasing female work participation and desire for international education and language skills, the result is increased demand for high-quality early education.

The months spent in home schooling have left many children and adolescents lagging behind with their learning goals. It is very difficult for parents to suddenly transform into teachers, especially when they still have to manage their own jobs at the same time. 

Even if parents devoted all their spare time teaching academic skills, the equally important life skills, such as social communication and expression skills and critical thinking and learning skills, wouldn’t be possible in a home setting without well-trained professionals and a group of other children. We are true believers of participatory learning involving children interacting with their peers and becoming active agents of their own learning while developing important social skills. 

At the same time many preschools have gone under and had to close their doors for good during the pandemic crisis. Which, from a new entrepreneur’s perspective, creates a great opportunity and a true gap in the market when those kids return to new classrooms. Perhaps that classroom will be yours! 

Technology enables transparency in early childhood education

Most likely there are now lots of vacant and suitable properties, even existing pre-schools, available in good neighbourhoods. As parents return to work (whether it’s a home office or an actual workplace office) the need for a physical school where children are taken care of and provided with high quality education is once again appreciated and in high demand

Even more importantly, parents are open to newcomers and are actively comparing their different options now that they have to make the all important decision of returning back to school

Why become a part of FinlandWay®’s global network of schools?

Parents around the world are experiencing the effects of “the learning gap” left behind by Covid-19 and home schooling, and are willing to look for alternative solutions, make comparisons and invest in their children’s education more than ever. Parents are looking for a complete, trustworthy and high-quality option while keeping it economically viable at the same time. 

FinlandWay® comes with full business and pedagogical support and know-how on managing your school with success. Our turnaround time is relatively short and there’s still time to make it to the 2021 academic start! 

As the market is still unpredictable, starting a franchise unit is a much safer option than building something from scratch. Being a FinlandWay® franchisee gives you the best possible start to make meaningful business:

  1. FinlandWay® is a complete package covering everything from IT systems to teacher training, branding and learning programmes. 
  2. We have a programmatic, phenomenon based curriculum that embraces the 21st century skills. 
  3. FinlandWay® is adaptable to all locations and cultural contexts – our curriculum and lesson materials already exist in 5 languages. 
  4. FinlandWay® pedagogy is based on the latest knowledge of educational science, and we constantly keep our methods and learning materials up to date.
  5. Applying FinlandWay® doesn’t require expensive expat teachers. We simply train your local teachers and support you throughout your franchise journey. All the required materials and school design elements can also be sourced locally and sustainably.
  6. Our high-quality brand resonates with aspirational customers who are looking for quality but not willing to pay overprice.
  7. We have a formal KPI system that allows our expert team to support you in all areas and phases, from launch to establishing your school as a local market leader. 
  8. We allow you to blend in your own extra curricular or learning subject related programmes. Your school should look and feel like you!
FinlandWay's Dr. Jonna Kangas at Helsinki University Plyaful learning centre
What if the pandemic gets worse again?

The world is not the same as it used to be and many specialists have forecasted that we will be seeing more pandemics and other natural disasters in the future. In the case of a similar full-stop of in-classroom learning, you will be in good hands. We have successfully navigated our schools through a pandemic with our virtual and hybrid learning programmes

As a case study, back in 2020 we launched a virtual programme in Colombia with two age groups. Both groups follow the FinlandWay® curriculum adapted to an online environment with seamless exposure to English language. You can read more about the programme here and on the Jardines FinlandWay® website

We already deliver all learning programmes to our teachers fully digitally and we don’t rely on printable materials and book-based teaching, enabling you to switch to online learning relatively effortlessly. We also have additional teacher training modules to support you through the transformation. 

To summarise, the global pandemic has left an identifiable gap in the early childhood education market and parents around the world today appreciate the importance of the early years and high quality education more than ever before. It really is an excellent time to start a preschool right now! 

If you are dreaming of making a meaningful education business with impact let us help you make it a reality! Get in touch with us today and start building your future and create better beginnings for the children in your area!

Interested in opening a FinlandWay® School?

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