Key steps explained by FinlandWay® experts

Are you passionate about high quality education and want to make a difference? Do you dream of opening your own preschool but are not sure where to start? We outlined a few steps that you’re likely to go through and how FinlandWay® can help you throughout the process. 

If you’d like to share your ideas with us and learn more about joining our international school network and becoming a FinlandWay® School, get in touch with us today! 

  1. Choose what curriculum to follow 

The curriculum is the foundation of your business and operations. It directs many of your decisions from school design, recruitment and marketing to the overall offering. Make sure that the curriculum you choose covers not only the academic skills, but also transversal skills, such as emotional and social skills, active citizenship, critical thinking and creativity. According to studies, developing a high level of emotional intelligence as a child is the most effective way in securing well-being and academic success and reducing problematic behaviour.

Carefully researching the different curriculum options available to you, can make a significant difference when it comes to filling up your classrooms at the start of each academic year. The demand for alternative early childhood education solutions in the growing markets has significantly increased in recent years. 

Read about the FinlandWay® curriculum, pedagogy and methodology here

  1. Pick your location and space

In the early education business, location is key. Most of our customers live in the few kilometre radius of the preschool, as families prefer shorter commuting distances. This is especially important in families of working parents where time is already very limited. 

When choosing the right property for your preschool, keep in mind that in addition to classroom spaces, you also need enough bathroom/toilet facilities and storage space, room for a cafeteria or canteen, a lobby and an outdoor area such as a garden or a playground for outdoor activities. Learning spaces should be spacious and flexible to allow teachers flexibility to arrange them according to various different learning activities. Pay attention to things like the ability to move furniture around in the space. Consider what kind of solutions in materials, accessibility e. g. you need to ensure safety for small children – this is something you don’t want to compromise on!

3 Get organised with licenses and paperwork

Once you have your curriculum picked and location secured it’s time to approach the local authorities. If you are the first in the area to launch a new curriculum, you might need to seek approval for it. 

The FinlandWay® team is very experienced in dealing with local authorities and helps you to deliver all the documentation needed along the process. It does not need to be a daunting task when you know what you’re doing! 

4 Start with the school design and prepare the learning spaces 

Your curriculum choice will strongly affect your school space and classroom design. At FinlandWay® we prefer flexible learning spaces, with minimal chairs and tables and lots of space for moving around and for teachers to use their professional creativity. The pedagogical process is at the core of the school branding and design at FinlandWay®. 

Bringing a local touch and feel to your school is encouraged. Our design- and pedagogical experts can guide you and your architect through all the changes and help you source the necessary materials and items locally and sustainably.  

5 Recruit your team and train them

Your teachers make all the difference – they, together with the children, are the heart of your operations. A working community that provides suitable professional challenges and gives teachers liberty to showcase their skills as individuals attracts motivated and committed staff. 

FinlandWay® teacher training programme is suitable for certified early education teachers with curious, open minds and willingness for self-reflection and development. A teacher who sees his or her role as a scaffolder and supporter is the right choice for a FinlandWay® School!

In addition to teachers, you need a team of other reliable team members, such as a head teacher, assistants or caretakers, a cook, a receptionist and an admission officer, depending on your operations. You might also need a driver if your preschool has a transportation service. 

6 Marketing and branding

Even though marketing takes place mostly online these days, in the preschool industry word of mouth remains even more important. As soon as you have your school renovation done it’s worth starting to organise open door events, school visits and activity days and invite your local community over. This can be supported by digital marketing launch campaigns to spread the word wider and catch people’s attention. 

The FinlandWay® package includes powerful marketing and branding support that will help your school to stand out.

7 Launch and operate!

Hurray, you have reached the big day! Organising an inauguration event helps you get as much publicity for your brand-new school as possible. Invite your students, their parents and their friends, the local media and your entire staff to celebrate your hard work so far, and the journey ahead. 

In FinlandWay® we are always happy to help you to get the best possible media coverage and official Finnish representation –  we have a pretty good track record in making it into national news around the world! Check out our latest official launch in Morocco

+1 Onboarding period

This is a unique feature we offer to FinlandWay® franchisees all around the world to journey through the previous steps with ease. During the onboarding period our team of commercial and pedagogical experts walks you and your team through the FinlandWay® system and we provide you with tailored personal consulting from managing your business successfully to school design and marketing strategy.

If you dream of opening your own kindergarten or preschool, let us help you make it a reality! Get in touch with us today and start building your future and create better beginnings for the children in your area!

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