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Join us in our mission is to bring the best quality Finnish education to children around the World.

Run your own FinlandWay® preschool franchise!

When you become part of the FinlandWay® school network, you become part of something bigger. A FinlandWay® school provides you an unparalleled opportunity to invest in your own future – while helping to build a better future for children in your community.

Finland’s education system is recognised worldwide, scoring top marks on international comparisons year after year.

Bring the world’s best preschool system and kindergarten curriculum to your location with us.

Why choose FinlandWay® Schools?

Finland has the best early education model in the world, balancing children’s overall well-being, happiness and academic outcomes.

Our system is based on the latest research and science and designed by leading education and emerging markets experts from the Universities of Helsinki, Tampere, Cambridge, Oxford and the World Bank.

We come with the official stamp of quality and authenticity from the National Board of Education of Finland.

Adaptable for both new and existing schools and scalable as your school or school network grows.

Your staff and customers benefit from a learning tracking and reporting EdTech for efficient operations and transparency.

FinlandWay® is competitively priced, economical, easy and fast to implement.

Your local manager and teachers can deliver the full programme and methodology - no need for expensive expatriates!

We support both the educational and the business side of your school throughout your journey with us.

Operated in 3 continents in 5 languages already

From FinlandWay® Parent survey 2021

How would you rate the impact of the FinlandWay® programme on your child?

How likely would you recommend he FinlandWay® programme to your friends?

What’s in the package?

Complete curriculum and kindergarten lesson plans

Hands-on teacher training by our experts

Nordic school design and branding

Student management application for staff and parents

Ongoing business and marketing support

Choose the right option for you – or talk to us about your specific needs


Concept flagships

Setting up a new kindergarten or nursery?

If you have passion, education and business expertise, plus access to a suitable property, our ready-to-go preschool solution and knowledgeable team will help you launch a new leading preschool within months of you contacting us. 


Fast startup

Already operating a preschool?

Our team of experts can help you upgrade and reposition your exsisting preschool as a distinctive education leader in a matter of weeks. A typical FinlandWay® kindergarten has a history as a reputable quality operator and over 100 students. 


Ambitious to grow the FinlandWay® preschool network in your country or region?

We welcome broader partnership conversations with groups and investors with the vision, resources, experience and commitment to quality to grow the FinlandWay® network in your location. Contact us for further information.

The franchise path in a nutshell

Contact us

and schedule a call to get to know each other better. You’ll receive some reading material at this stage and get to bring us up to date on your business plan. A confidentiality agreement is signed.

A letter of intent

is normally signed after a background evaluation. The LOI includes more detailed and practical information about the future cooperation. Next, we’ll review the franchising terms.

The franchise contract

is provided to you and we will go through it before the final signatures from both ends. At this stage, we will officially announce the partnership through social media, websites and press releases.

System onboarding

is carried out prior to launching the programme in your school – you will get familiar with all aspects of FinlandWay® brand and operations and prepare for the big launch.

A grand opening

takes place in your  school, after the initial marketing campaign. You will be ready to start carrying out the curriculum and day to day operations, and have regular update and support meeting with us.

Education Technology to support teaching and tracking

FinlandWay edtech


We use EdTech and digital processes to support the everyday life in your preschool.


  • Teacher training
  • Daily lesson plans
  • Individual student learning tracking and reporting
  • Operational reporting

Words from our franchisees

“Since the beginning of our partnership with FinlandWay®, our school has benefited from the teacher trainings and daily interactions with the FinlandWay pedagogical team.”

Laetitia Lopez, Pedagogical Director,  KidzMania FinlandWay®

Words from our franchisees

“We are proud to be part of FinlandWay® educational system, that makes our students better citizens of the world.”

Ibtissam Choukri, Director, KidzMania FinlandWay®

Words from our franchisees

“We believe that early years is a key to a child’s development. That’s the reason we are very delighted to be a FinlandWay® school. We share the same vision and thrive to make a difference.”

Nishant Garodia, Director, Garodia International FinlandWay®

Words from our franchisees

“I believe that being a FinlandWay® school brings enormous value to the children in our school and to the young generation of Tangier. We signed the agreement in the spring of 2020, without letting COVID-19 prevent us from doing so – that’s how strongly we believe in it.”

Younès Alaoui, Director, Al Amana FinlandWay®

Words from our franchisees

FinlandWay really revolutionised our preschool: learning became fun, but with a very clear foundation so that children can internalise the teachings properly. As a result, we not only see happy children but also teachers equipped and capable of accompanying the children on their path of play-based learning.

Monica Rosas, Head Teacher, Nido Kidsworld FinlandWay®

Words from our franchisees

FinlandWay really gets the kids involved in their learning, we had to extend the activities often because the kids were so excited – they did not want to leave at the end of the day! The programme was positively perceived by the parents, too. The systematic progress evaluation generates concreteness, and it’s a great differentiator. The system helps the teacher to be more involved with the children and the class.

Carlos, Owner, Colegio Itatiaia Morumbi FinlandWay® pilot unit

Words from our franchisees

When the training started, wow, that’s when we realised what really makes the difference.

Operator, FIPS FinlandWay®

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